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What To Take Horseback Riding On The Beach In Maui

If you plan on going horseback riding in Maui you are going to need to bring a few things with you in order to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Horseback riding is fun and it will definitely give you a rush, but you do not want to end up being hurt because you were unprepared. Not to worry, the people in charge will not let you ride unless you are equipped. You can make their job easy by reading the following.

Long pants and close toed shoes

No matter where you decide to go horseback riding on the island of Maui, you will find that the criterion is the same for most of them regarding what you must wear. You should be alright if you simply wear long pants. It would be a good idea if these pants are kind of snug on you. You will also need a pair of close toed shoes. Boots are the best way to go here, but tennis shoes are also okay.


If you are going to be riding a horse then you are at risk for falling off. Just as with anything that represents this kind of risk the best way to avoid it would be to wear a helmet. There are special helmets for you to where when you go horseback riding in Maui. If you do not own the right type you will most likely be provided with one upon arrival.

No shorts when riding horses

You do not want to wear shorts when you go horseback riding. Some people come expecting to be able to wear shorts and the wonder why they cannot. The reason is because with shorts you are running the risk of having the inside of your calves rubbed raw from them being in contact with the straps holding the stirrups. This can end up being quite uncomfortable.

Riding gloves

If you are someone who has really small hands, or if your hands are simply not that strong, then it might be a good idea for you to wear some riding gloves. Riding gloves are not that expensive, and they will help you to protect your hands from the rub of the reins as you are riding a horse.

Taking these items with you horseback riding will ensure that you are safe and as a result have a good time. Not bringing these items will lead to a lot of discomfort, which may discourage you from wanting to come back for a second go at it. Don’t let not being prepared spoil your horseback riding experience.

Where To Go Horseback Riding On The Beach In Maui

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