horseback riding on maui

The Benefits of Horseback Riding on Maui

There are many benefits to horseback riding on Maui. You get double the benefits, since Maui is a lovely place and horseback riding has many perks on its own. Horseback riding on Maui has been proven to be very therapeutic both physically and mentally.

Physical Benefits of Horseback Riding On Maui

Horseback riding is a great form of exercise if you like to take an active role in exploring during your time on Maui. A two hour horseback ride can burn over 500 calories, so it’s a great form of exercise as well as fun. You’ll definitely feel the burn the next day after taking a horseback riding tour on Maui. You don’t have to be “in shape” to ride, though. No matter what your fitness level is, horseback riding is a great way to have fun and burn a few calories.

Mental Benefits of Horseback Riding On Maui

Horseback riding on Maui is also mentally stimulating. You are an active participant in the tour and in a partnership with your horse. Although the horses used for trail rides are very well trained and obedient, they don’t drive themselves! You will need to pay attention and steer, at the same time you’re taking in the wonderful sights of Maui. You certainly won’t be bored while horseback riding on Maui.

Emotional Benefits of Horseback Riding On Maui

Horses have been successfully used in therapy for individuals that have been through traumatic experiences. Horseback riding has been proven to help reduce depression and greatly improve one’s mood and attitude. Studies have proven that you’ll feel happier and more at peace after a good ride, and certainly being on vacation on Maui won’t do any harm!

In addition to an increased sense of well-being associated with horseback riding, it’s also a great way to see some sights on Maui. Some of the best parts of Maui are remote and best seen on horseback. Horses can go places that cars can’t easily get to. Many of the ranches have private or restricted land that can only be accessed on a trail ride or other tour. You’ll get to ride on private beaches and across private valleys.

A horseback riding tour on Maui can take you places you’d never see if not on horseback! But that’s just one of the perks—take a horseback riding tour of Maui and you’ll experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of riding on a beautiful Hawaiian island.

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