horseback riding on maui

Horseback Riding On Maui

Mendes Ranch & Trail Rides

3530 Kahekili Highway, Wailuku, HI
(808) 871-5222

Mendes Ranch is a family owned ranch. The ranch is located at an original 1940’s homestead built by Manuel Mendes. Now, the ranch is 3,000 acres and has 300 heads of cattle and 80 horses. You will be able to experience Hawaiin ranch life first hand!

Mendes Ranch offers a couple options for their trail ride. The trail ride is an amazing journey through some of Maui’s most spectacular views. Travel through pastures to the lush rainforest. Then look down from Eki Crater to see some of Maui’s biggest waterfalls. The ride continues down the mountain back to the ranch where you will see Hawaiin taro patches. Then the trail continues down Waihe’e Valley to the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Look out over the ocean and breathe in the calming air.

Mendes Ranch does a morning and afternoon ride, starting at 8:30 am and 11:30 am respectively. Both rides are 2 hours long and have an option of adding a BBQ lunch at the ranch for an extra charge.

There is also a horseback/helicopter combination option. This includes a 2 hour ride, a 25-30 minute helicopter tour of the west Maui mountains, and lunch. The trail rides cost $110, but if you book online, there is a discount that brings it down to $99. For the horseback/helicopter combo, call for more information.

Mendes Ranch Maui Horseback Riding Review

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