horseback riding on maui

Horseback Riding On Maui

Pony Express Tours

18303 Haleakala, Kula, HI 96790
(808) 667-2200 ‎

Pony Express Tours in Maui, offers two distinct types of trail rides. They offer a “Crater” ride and a “Ranch” ride. They have been in business since 1983.

The “Ka Moa O Pele Junction” ride descends 2,500 feet down a path to the floor of a crater. The round trip is about 7.5 miles and 4 hours long. At the bottom of the crater, sandwiches are served for lunch. The crater ride begins at the Visitor Center of the Haleakala Crater at 8:30 am. This ride is not for first time riders, and they require a minimum of 6 times previous riding experience.

Children younger than 10  are not allowed. Dress in layers, as the top of the crater can be as much as 30 degrees cooler. Reservations are required; book online for a 10% discount.

Pony Express Tours’ has two “Ranch” rides for riders that may not enjoy the elevation of the crater. The “Haleakala Ranch Paniolo (cowboy)” ride is a 2 hour experience at 4000’ elevation. You will ride through the Haleakala Ranch and learn about Paniolo (Hawaiin cowboy) history, as well as seeing amazing views of the North and South shores of Maui in addition to the entire central valleys. The ride begins at 8:30am and includes refreshments. Reservations are required.

The second ranch option, “Haleakala Ranch Mauka” ride is a shorter 1.5 hour ride across the Haleakala Ranch. It is more relaxing and less strenuous than either of the other rides. This ride leaves at 11:30 am and 2 pm. Reservations are encouraged, but drop ins are accommodated.

The prices at Pony Express Tours range from $182 for the crater ride to $110 and $95 for the ranch rides, respectively.

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